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General Connectivity...

The Fitbit ionic and versa do have some connectivity and sync issues, unfortunately they are not 100% stable - just ensure you manually force a 'sync' every now and then - you can do this from within the Fitbit phone app.  This will refresh anything such as health data and weather data; if your watch hasn't been sync'd for a while it may still show old data or revert to default settings for the clockface.

At any other time if you feel the data on your watch doesn't seem correct, the easiest way to reload or reset a clockface is to swipe up, opening the TODAY app, wait until its latest data has loaded, then swipe down to close the app and reload (restart) the clockface.

In some cases, such as with a few of my clockfaces, this will cause default settings to re-load initially. On many of my clockfaces I am continuing to improve this, however if it still bugs you, let me know!

Additional Fitbit help is available for either watch via the following links,

ionic           versa

For Further Help on this website, Jump to a section below via the following links...

  1. Weather not appearing or updating (not working)

  2. Weather inaccurate

  3. 12/24 hour setting, Distance Units

  4. Changing clockface settings

  5. Clock Error

  6. Clockface codes/payment

  7. How do I pay

  8. I Still Have Problems

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1. My weather is not appearing or updating (not working)


Please wait a few seconds (sometimes maybe 20 or so) for any settings to apply and weather to appear - the info has to get from the internet to your phone, then watch. 


Things to try/check,


  • Make sure all permissions requested by a clockface have been granted, internet is required to fetch weather data - if you are unsure, delete and re-load the clock face. Location is also required for your position.  PLEASE NOTE  for iphone (ios13+) users, location settings are not always active.  You will need to adjust the phone settings to make sure its always enabled, so that you can get weather updates.

  • Manually re-sync the watch from your fitbit phone app

    • Check that your watch has recently successfully sync’d in the past few minutes - if not manually sync it yourself from the Fitbit phone app - if your watch is failing to sync, you may need to turn the phone bluetooth off/on or re-start your phone to re-establish the BT connection completely

  • Try re-loading/re-starting the clockface , by

    • A swipe-up to open TODAY - then swipe-down to re-start the clockface, or

    • Open any Watch App (eg. fitbit weather) then close it and return to the clockface  ie. Force the clockface to restart (refresh) by opening another app e.g the weather app.  This causes the clockface to reset/refresh everything.



  • Have you tried loading another clock face with weather - does it work?

  • A bad install may affect performance. Again, just do a clockface reinstall if things don't seem right

  • Make sure you have location services enabled on your device

  • Check that you have an operational and stable internet connection - if you are using wifi, try moving closer to the source

  • Is weather working ok for the built in weather app, or for other clock faces?  if not, keep reading...

  • If you are on wifi, check in the Fitbit phone app that the wifi connection is working/connected

  • If you are using a data connection via Bluetooth, make sure the watch is paired, and


The above suggestions may not work first time, you may need to try multiple times.



And, some more things to keep in mind.

  • Sometimes weather can take about 20 sec or so to get a response from the service provider, then update on the watch.

  • There is a very rare chance the weather service providers servers are offline for maintenance or for some other reason.  In this case, no one can do anything - just re-try in a few hours!


2. My weather is inaccurate..


All weather service providers use their own network of locations worldwide from which to obtain weather readings.


My watchfaces use


If your weather is a few degrees out, or shows another location, in many cases it may be because your weather is coming from a weather station that is NOT nearby - it often depends on the location of the mobile phone tower your phone has locked on to - and given the variability of network load at any time, this location may not be nearby.


It will also depend on how recently the service provider has refreshed their data for your location.

There is also the, rare, chance that there is no weather (data) for your specific location.

3. Changing 12/24 hour setting, or Distance Units

ALL personal measurement units are set via your Fitbit web profile page here,

On your profile page you can set,

  • Time mode (12/24 hour)

  • Distance units (imperial/metric)

  • Week start day (Sun/Mon) - not used by my clockfaces

   ...  and much more

Please Note, you should re-sync your watch after changing a profile setting, if your watch has not updated itself within a minute or two.



4. How do I change clockface settings (weather units, colour etc)


From the first screen,  TAP on the watch icon, top right


Next, TAP on the 'clockfaces' box

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5. Clock Error

You now see your current clockface, or can browse the gallery.

On Android, either TAP the small grey dots top right, or TAP the clockface picture (both areas circled).

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The initial clockface screen will show.  From this screen, you can

click the SETTINGS link (lower left, circled)


view more details about the clockface.


The screen above does appear occasionally when changing clockfaces.  Most of the time this IS NOT cause for concern, and NOT an issue with the clockface you are loading.  It may be that the clockface is still installing or setting up, and the message should go away after about a minute.  Otherwise clear it yourself using the left watch button.


If the message persists, try installing a Fitbit clockface, then try your preferred one again.



6. My watch is asking for payment / a code has appeared

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Many of my clockfaces are NOT free, and require a small ONE TIME payment. I DO NOT have or require any subscriptions.


When this code appears, you need to head to the URL mentioned in the message to enter the code and pay the small fee for the clockface.The generic URL for payment is


If you happen to change clockface after paying, or uninstall the clockface in order to try another one, all of your clockface data (not your Fitbit health data) and clockface settings are not retained by the watch.


When you reinstall a clockface that is already paid for, the watch has no way of knowing you made the payment. 


In this situation, wait until the URL and code reappear on the clockface again, simply go to the URL displayed and click the “Already Purchased” link and sign in with the same email address. You WILL NOT have to pay a second time.


7. How do I pay..


Both PayPal and credit cards can be used.  Once the trial period is complete, a payment code will appear.


Using your desktop or mobile browser type in the URL that appeared on your watch.

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When the webpage (above) appears it will ask for the code on the watch. Type it in and select your payment method (paypal or credit card).  At this stage you are also given the option of just buying the one clockface, or purchasing one of my bundles.

8. I still have problems..

Try the following,

  • Try turning bluetooth off, then on, from your device.  Then sync again.

  • Restart your fitbit app and/or your phone

  • Re-install the Fitbit app

  • Un-pair the watch from the Fitbit app, then setup a new device

  • Remove other paired bluetooth devices from your phone

  • Manually shutdown then restart your watch (settings-about-shutdown)

  • Last resort - factory reset (settings-about-factory reset)


If none of the above was of any help, please contact me directly HERE to resolve your clockface issue, or contact Fitbit support for other issues.

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